We are Orange

Welcome to Orange, a place for learning about Bitcoin in a fun and engaging way! Our objective is simple - we want to help people learn to survive and thrive with Bitcoin.

We recognize that Bitcoin is an essential tool for survival and believe a great way to learn about it is by playing with it. That's why we're hosting an Orange game server where both bitcoiners and gamers without any bitcoin experience can interact with each other and form a strong community.

Orange hosts a server in the popular game called Rust, where the premise is that you have woken up on an island and the only objective is to survive. Orange provides opportunities for people to earn Bitcoin by taking on challenging tasks and proving they have done work. We also encourage a culture of peer to peer commerce so that through trade everyone on the island can make progress. Finally, every month the island is wiped. This presents a new opportunity to start fresh and attempt to build a thriving community.

Orange is also a 24/7 meetup space! Orange can be used as a platform for people to give presentations on Bitcoin-related topics, or to ask questions in a more casual fireside setting. We're committed to sharing the knowledge and excitement of Bitcoin with everyone, and we believe that Orange is the perfect place to do that.

Finally, we plan to capture and broadcast the entertaining content that unfolds in Orange to the rest of the world. We want everyone to learn from our experience, and to see how Bitcoin can be used in a fun and engaging way.

Everyone is welcome in Orange, whether you're new or a seasoned veteran, we welcome anyone who wants to learn about Bitcoin and have a great time doing it. So come join us in Orange - let's survive, thrive, and learn together!


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